Newman Mission Circle

What is the Mission Circle?

EIU’s campus thirsts for the love of Christ and, together, we can help more people encounter the truth and beauty of the Gospel. By becoming a Mission Circle Partner with us, you help create a lasting impact on the campus of EIU and the world.

The Newman Mission Circle is a monthly giving program. Your monthly support touches every aspect of Campus Ministry enabling the mission of the Newman Center to grow.

Why Should You Join?

It’s rewarding. Your generous donation will continue to grow this ministry.
It’s easy. You don’t have to remember to write a monthly check. Your gift will be drafted as you choose.
It’s helpful. You can set the budget and keep your finances easy.

We hope many folks will give back through the Mission Circle, ensuring that we can continue to form today’s EIU Catholics into tomorrow’s leaders in the church and society with the riches and wisdom of our Catholic faith! Imagine a future filled with hope and strong Catholicism because of your support.

Mission Circle Benefits

                   Exclusive Updates

Receive exclusive email updates about the Newman Center throughout the year about the impact your gifts make on our students.

       Communal Devotions

Join the staff for quarterly Novenas to pray for our students. Your private intentions will be included during these devotions.

As we form and grow the Newman Mission Circle, we would love to receive your feedback about other benefits you would like throughout the year. We hope to provide retreats and other exclusive opportunities for our Mission Circle Partners in the future.

Where Does Your Support Go?

Your generous support helps us to form and shape EIU students throughout their years in college in the following ways:

Discipleship Training: We form leaders throughout the year with an annual retreat, weekly meetings, and bi-weekly one on ones focusing on their prayer life and growing in relationship with the Lord.

Retreats: Students are given the opportunity several times throughout their semesters to “come away with the Lord” for Awakening Retreats, camping trips, Men’s & Women’s Retreats, Days of Reflection, and even Silent Retreats.

Small Groups: Our students commit to a weekly small group Bible Study with other peers allowing them to learn and study the truths of our faith, pray with other students, and grow in discipleship.

RCIA: We are able to walk with students in their journey of becoming Catholic to help form them intellectually and spiritually as they prepare to receive their Sacraments.

Community Events: We host many fun evenings such as cookouts, bonfires, a Halloween Party, Friendsgiving, Spring Fling Dance, and more to gather our students as a community.

Volunteer & Outreach: Our Student Volunteer Center reaches many community members in Charleston through the generous volunteering of our students. Our Volunteer Ministries also enable us to bring many students into Newman that never would have come through the doors otherwise.

And so much more!


If you have any questions, please call Jenelle Vogt (217-348-0188) or email her at