Students for Peace & Justice

If you want peace, work for justice. 

Development cannot be reduced to economic growth alone, often attained without a thought for the poor and the vulnerable. A better world will come about only if attention is first paid to individuals; if human promotion is integral, taking account of every dimension of the person, including the spiritual; if no one is neglected, including the poor, the sick, prisoners, the needy and the stranger (cf. Mt 25:31-46); if we can prove capable of leaving behind a throwaway culture and embracing one of encounter and acceptance. (8/5/13, World Day of Migrants and Refugees). Pope Francis.

We don’t just hope for a better world, we work to make it happen!

Our mission is to provide hope for a better world through solidarity and education by

  • Staying informed about social global issues
  • Challenging unjust systems
  • Acting as advocates for human rights
  • Being voices for the voiceless

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