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Your financial support enables the mission of the Newman Center to continue. We are so grateful for your generosity and ask the Lord to bless you for blessing this ministry!

You can give a one-time gift by clicking the “GIVE TODAY” button or learn about our monthly giving program, The Newman Mission Circle, below.

Join the Newman Mission Circle

EIU’s campus thirsts for the love of Christ and, together, we can help more people encounter the truth and beauty of the Gospel. By becoming a Mission Circle Partner with us, you graciously help the mission of the Newman Center to continue.

The Newman Mission Circle is a monthly giving program starting at $10 per month.

Students: Just Give One

As you journey through your years at EIU, we hope and pray that God cultivates a sense of gratitude within you. In learning how to ‘give up one thing’ per month (buying a coffee, a meal out to eat, etc.), we encourage you to JUST GIVE ONE purchase a month instead to the Lord.

Our Just Give One program is a student monthly giving program helping students learn to give back to the Newman Community.