Students for Peace and Justice

The Lord has loved me so much: we must love everyone… we must be compassionate! St. Josephine Bakhita 

Our mission is:   to provide hope for a better world through solidarity and education by 

  • Staying informed about social global issues
  • Challenging unjust systems
  • Acting as advocates for human rights
  • Being voices for the voiceless.

If you want Peace, work for Justice.

Development cannot be reduced to economic growth alone, often attained without a thought for the poor and the vulnerable. A better world will come about only if attention is first paid to individuals; if human promotion is integral, taking account of every dimension of the person, including the spiritual; if no one is neglected, including the poor, the sick, prisoners, the needy and the stranger (cf. Mt 25:31-46); if we can prove capable of leaving behind a throwaway culture and embracing one of encounter and acceptance. (8/5/13, World Day of Migrants and Refugees). Pope Francis.

We don't only hope for a better world, we work to make it happen! We...

  1. Stay informed about global issues
  2. Raise awareness about social injustice
  3. Change perspectives on other cultures
  4. Advocate for human rights
  5. Be voices for the voiceless
Meetings at Newman Center!
For more information contact Ben Grapperhaus