Prayer Guides

The Examen

The Examen is a simple examination of conscience that takes 15-20 minutes. It was developed by St. Ignatius of Loyola to help people look more closely at their actions and the motivations behind those actions. By reflecting honestly on each day of our lives we will gradually become better people.

Praying with Scripture: Ignatian Contemplation

(aka, Gospel Contemplation, Imaginative Prayer)

Ignatius of Loyola (d. 1556), the founder of the Society of Jesus, popularized this form of prayer. In Ignatian Contemplation we use our imaginations to step into a particular story from the Bible. The story unfolds around us and may even change because of our presence within.

Praying with the Body

Praying with the Body reminds us that we aren’t only mental and spiritual beings, we’re also physical beings. What I do with my body affects my mind and heart, just as what I allow into my mind and heart affects my body. By incorporating physical movement and gesture into our prayer, we can strengthen both our minds and hearts.

Guide to the Mass