Nursing Home Visits

“Be kind, especially with the infirm. Love them well ... Oh yes! Be kind. It is a great grace God is giving you. In serving the aged, it is he himself whom you are serving.” St. Jeanne Jugan 

Our Mission is: To embrace the elder. We recognize the face of Jesus in each one of them and bring them hope and a time of happiness.

Spend time with seniors or people with disabilities. Play games, read with them, sing (it's just as fun when we sing off-key!), share a meal, and have a good conversation.

Meet our E-friends... ...(Elderly friends) and have a magical time while listening to their stories, and learning about their favorite activities at the home.
It is really fun! 

We meet at Newman every Friday at 2:45 pm. But we always can set a different time to visit. Starting day TBA. 
For more information, contact Emma Dambek