Living Faith Society

The Living Faith Society is a new monthly giving program where families, students, alumni, and friends of the Newman Catholic Community answer the call to stewardship through supporting the ministry. Joining allows you the opportunity to give as easily as possible via check, credit card, EFT, or PayPal.

Why should you join?

It’s rewarding. Your generous donation will continue to grow this ministry.
It’s easy. You don’t have to remember to write a monthly check. Your gift will be drafted as you choose.
It’s helpful. You can set the budget and keep your finances easy.

We hope many folks will give back through the Living Faith Society, ensuring that we can continue to form today’s EIU Catholics into tomorrow’s leaders in the church and society with the riches and wisdom of our Catholic faith! Imagine a future filled with hope and strong Catholicism because of your support. If you are interested in joining today, email or call Maureen Smith at or 217-348-0188.